PK (pokerkitten) wrote in tw100,

Challenge #30, Bowie titles - Everyone says hi

Title: You Can Always Come Home
Author: PokerKitten
Challenge #30, Bowie titles
Characters: Ianto, on behalf of the team
Rating: G
Notes: Post-End Of Days

You Can Always Come Home

Looks like I've been nominated to do this. Don't know why they think you'd listen to me. Or why they think you'll ever even hear this, actually. But here goes.

Everyone says hi. Hope you're getting some answers. Finding some peace. Not that peace is your style, but they wanted me to say that and I've got Owen breathing down my neck.

Not in a good way, like you used to…

Anyway, we miss you. I miss you. So if it's not working out, or if you just can't find a decent cup of coffee, you can always come home.
Tags: challenge: bowie titles, character: ianto jones

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