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01 June 2007 @ 07:53 pm
Challenge 29  
Nice work everyone! Lots of creative interpretation of some rather unusual strings of words. I think the no-prize has to go to kikibug13 for not only taking an odd one, but keeping the bad grammar in it!

Thought we'd do something a little easier this week.

The new challenge is...


Okay, so it was 98 degrees Farenheit here in Pennsylvania, so I kind of have heat on the brain. So what happens when Cardiff gets a little balmy? When the mercury tops 35, how does team Torchwood keep their cool? Tell us a story, won't you?

SPECIAL NOTICE: Keep watching this space for a special event coming up as soon as I'm sure most everyone's done with exams and off for the summer! Trust me, it'll be a good one!

Rules reminder:

- All stories must be 100 words long.
- Please place your story behind a cut. Basically right now everything is spoiler potential, so better safe than sorry.
- You must use the challenge word or phrase in your story; feel free to interpret that creatively.
- Please use the challenge tag “challenge: heatwave” plus any characters. The best way to tag is to put up your post and then click on the little tag icon at the top. This way you can pick from the mod approved tag list and keep things grouped better. Thanks for your help in this!
kikibug13 on June 7th, 2007 01:47 pm (UTC)
LOL thanks. But it was a GOOD one, in its way :)

I don't think I've said so before - THANK you very much for keeping this up!!!