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18 May 2007 @ 07:30 pm
Challenge 27  
Great week, you guys! Man, those people keep a lot from each other, don't they?

This week, in the spirit of Russell and Phil, we're going to do something that's NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!!! (Here, anyway)

This week's challenge is...


Head on over to torchwoodicons and scroll through the icons there, searching for your muse among the talented artists there. Either snag the icon and post with it, or else save it to your own space and link to it in your post so we can see what inspired you. REMEMBER: NO HOTLINKING. We're trying to make friends, not enemies here! And remember to tell the artist thanks and what you're snagging for. They'd probably be excited to know they inspired a story!

Rules reminder:

- All stories must be 100 words long.
- Please place your story behind a cut. Basically right now everything is spoiler potential, so better safe than sorry.
- You must use the challenge word or phrase in your story; feel free to interpret that creatively.
- Please use the challenge tag “challenge: icons” plus any characters. The best way to tag is to put up your post and then click on the little tag icon at the top. This way you can pick from the mod approved tag list and keep things grouped better. Thanks for your help in this!