cupati (cupati) wrote in tw100,

Challenge 12: Shadows - By Candlelight

Title: By Candlelight
Author: Me, cupati
Characters: Gwen
Challenge: #12, Shadows
Rating: G
Notes: No spoilers.

Gwen still couldn’t believe these people.

She stood in the darkness, watching the candles flicker, casting strange silhouettes on the walls. A dark shape flew overhead, glad of night at last.

Owen gave her a look, one she recognised all too well. Don’t just stand there. But she had no idea what to do, where to go. If she had been briefed on what to do in such a situation, she wouldn’t have been so surprised when it arrived.

What kind of an institute didn’t have emergency lighting?

Why didn’t they just use the torches that they kept waving about?
Tags: challenge: shadows, character: gwen cooper
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