Savvy (sadbhyl) wrote in tw100,

Challenge 12: A homage to Punxsatawny

So, I guess what you guys are telling me is that you can knock the socks off of anything that isn't visually inspired, huh? Okay, okay, I give. But expect a poll....

But for now, it's challenge time!


Yes, today is the one day out of the year where people care more about shadows than any other. And hey that furry little rodent in western Pennsylvania can't be any worse at judging the weather than the professionals, right? Not that I'm bitter. So there you go. Write about shadows. The ones outside and the ones within.

Rules reminder:

- All stories must be 100 words long.
- Please place your story behind a cut. Basically right now everything is spoiler potential, so better safe than sorry.
- You must use the challenge word or phrase in your story; feel free to interpret that creatively.
- Please use the challenge tag “challenge: shadows” plus any characters. The best way to tag is to put up your post and then click on the little tag icon at the top. This way you can pick from the mod approved tag list and keep things grouped better. Thanks for your help in this!
Tags: challenge announcements, challenge: shadows
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