fajrdrako (fajrdrako) wrote in tw100,

FIC (drabble): Ghost Kiss (for challenge #5: Suzie Costello)

Title: Ghost Kiss
Author: fajrdrako
Characters: Gwen, Rhys, Suzie
For tw100 Challenge #5: Suzie Costello
Rating: PG
Spoilers: for Everything Changes and They Keep Killing...

Ghost Kiss

Gwen woke, confused. She was in bed, Rhys asleep beside her. She felt the pressure of lips leaving hers, awakening her with a ghostly kiss. Whose?

Weightless, the image sat on the edge of the bed, glowing, coming into focus. Suzie Costello. Gwen felt no fear of a phantom, and Suzie's sad, beautiful eyes were not angry.

"I loved you," said Suzie.

"You bloody well tried to kill me! Twice!"

"You belong with me. Not them."

"Get out of here!" Gwen hissed. Suzie began to fade.

Rhys rolled over, half-waking. "Huh?" he mumbled. "Someone there?"

"Nobody at all," said Gwen.

Tags: challenge: suzie costello, character: gwen cooper, character: suzie costello
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