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Challenge 4: Reverse Fandom Angel

Title: Loyalty

Author: fififolle
Characters: Jack/Owen
Challenge 4: Reverse Fandom Angel
Rating: PG
Notes: Just time to squeeze in one more before the next Challenge?


“What do you want me to do, Jack?”

Jack looked at Owen Harper. The doctor had a serious and determined look on his face. How many times had he asked him this question? Looked to him for leadership?

Owen generally had an anarchic outlook on life, but Jack knew that this young man would do anything for him. Even kill. Not many had given their loyalty so unconditionally.

Jack knew it was time. Time to lay claim to what was rightfully his. He had never had to ask Owen twice, and he knew he wouldn’t have to now.

“Kiss me.”


Tags: character: jack harkness, character: owen harper
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